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Sons of Liberty International (SOLI) Train Iraqi Soldiers to Fight ISIS

Sons of Liberty International (SOLI) have engaged in training Iraqi soldiers to fight ISIS.  SOLI soldiers recently fought beside Iraqi Assyrian Christian forces to take back Teleskof, Iraq.

TheBlaze.com reports that ISIS’ attack against the city is their boldest attack in recent months despite the lack of media reporting.

 ISIS militants launched a surprise attack on Teleskof at dawn on May 3, 2016.  A SOLI soldier, who is located in a truck with other fighters, recollects the scene only to have a bullet hit the truck narrowly missing his head.
The Blaze says that SOLI forces along with Iraqi Assyrian Christian soldiers are taking Teleskof back from the terrorist group after ten hours of fighting.  Unfortunately, Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV lost his life in the fight.
The Teleskof battle was the first time the trainees saw action, and they were said to be very successful.  They were able to recapture the territory that was taken by ISIS.
Sons of Liberty International relies on donations from supporters which enables them to equip local forces to combat ISIS.  It also serves to supply trainees with weapons.  They wish to continue training local forces to defeat ISIS and free their land.
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