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“Your Child Has Special Needs”: Parents, What Do You Do?

What does a parent do when they hear the dreaded words of, “We have noticed there is a problem with your child.” from their physician?

Or maybe it’s something you’ve noticed such as not hitting milestones, difficulty concentrating, paying attention, grades slipping despite a concentrated effort, or something seems just not quite right.  You can’t put your finger on it, but deep down inside you suspect something is going on.

For many parents, their heart sinks to the floor.  Their stomach churns, and they want to almost cry.  Some parents report that they feel hurt because all of the dreams they had for that child- for their future- will now be very different.  They worry about what things will be like at home.  How will their lives change?  How will the other children adapt?  Most importantly, the thought of “Can I do this?” races across every parent’s mind.

Our next issue will focus on parenting special needs children.  It will include children with physical challenges (cerebral palsy, spina bifida, Down’s Syndrome, etc), mental issues (Asberger’s Syndrome, Autism), behavioral (ADHD, FAS, attachment difficulties, anxiety) and learning disabilities (reading, comprehension, dyslexia).

Additionally, we will go through the journey from ultrasound diagnosis, to raising up children with special needs.  We will discuss how to overcome a diagnosis of physical challenges in the womb and how to remain optimistic, God’s plans for this child (because they were created with a plan and purpose!), how parents can exhibit patience on those trying days, and how to encourage your children.

Additionally, we will have our part two of our interview with Jaci Velasquez wherein she specifically talks about days spent with her son, Zealand, who was diagnosed with autism, and her journey through it.  Jaci also discusses her clothing line dedicated to funding parents whose child is autistic.

All this and more in our May issue coming out April 26th, 2017!

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