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Does Your Spouse Have Your Whole Heart Or Only Part Of It?

Sin does not originate in an outward act, but begins in the heart long before the outward manifestation.  This is why scripture tells us to guard our hearts and minds.  What we think and what we choose to meditate on are reflected in our actions.  They seep out into our words, the tone of those words, and in our frustration.  It is what is inside of us that comes out when we are “squeezed”, so we need to be guarded in our thoughts before chaos ensues.

This is what makes emotional affairs so dangerous to a marriage.  When you begin to think about someone else other than your spouse in either a romantic way, or as fulfilling your needs, your thoughts move one step closer to destruction.  Eventually, you begin comparing your spouse to this person, and your dissatisfaction in the marriage grows.  You emotionally pull away and begin to tie yourself to another person while still being married to your spouse.  Even at an emotional level, there are now three people in your marriage and you are indeed cheating on your spouse because they do not have your full devotion.

Emotional affairs begin with a seed- a thought- and grow.  They often begin easily enough, and are often the result of a myriad of unresolved issues within the marriage.  However, they are just as destructive as an affair, and can eventually lead into one.  Remember, sin begins with just one thought and even though the outwardness of that thought has yet to manifest, God judges you by your heart.

So what thoughts are in your heart towards your spouse?

Our January issue will discuss the myth that emotional affairs are harmless to a marriage and show you how giving your heart to someone else- even if it is just on an emotional level- can destroy a marriage.  Worse yet, your spouse may be unaware of the reasons why you are pulling away- and be hurt by them.

We will also discuss how to break an emotional affair tie, and the spiritual bond that can ensue when you engage in this type of affair.

Every marriage deserves the commitment of both spouses.  If there are unresolved issues, you owe it to the other person to try and resolve them before things escalate.  Often, when these things are resolved, we end up taking our marriage to a whole new level of intimacy.

Learn how to rekindle that intimacy and romance in our next issue coming out December 27, 2016.

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