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Steps To Giving Thanks When You Aren’t Feeling Like Giving Praise

Scripture says in all things, give thanks to the Lord.  However, for most Christians, this quite often is easier said than done.

We know that we should give thanks, and it’s so easy when things are going well.  However, what about the times when things aren’t going as planned?  Well, then it gets a little harder, but it’s not impossible.

In those times, we have to realize that we are truly blessed to serve a mighty God who loves us.  In retrospect, we do have a lot to be thankful for even if by our standards it doesn’t seem like much, or maybe it could be more.  Yet if we don’t thank Him, our hearts harden and we become ungrateful.  We begin to take God for granted, and sometimes that is when breakthrough/blessings become delayed.

It is not to say that we thank Him for a horrible situation such as, “Thank you God for this terminal illness.”, but instead, “Thank you, God, for your healing power over my body.”.  God’s promises are yes and amen.  That, we should be thankful for.

So Why Should We Be Joyful In Times of Sorrow?

The answer is that everything has a season.  It is not forever.  Once you understand this, it becomes easier to overcome your situation.  Trials are not permanent, but temporary.  You may be going through a tough time right now for many reasons ie. testing, refining, disobedience, sin, etc.  However, it is not God’s desire that you remain this way.  In everything, there is a road to victory.  Look no further than God to provide your “out”.

We should also be thankful for what we have.  There are many people who barely have the necessities, and many of them are around you.  What you have has been given to you by God, and it doesn’t go with you when you die.  God loves His children so much that He gives them the desires of their heart.  Yet our mouths need to reflect our gratitude for His goodness.  Our hearts must be tender and reflect our sincere love for Him.

So what do you do when you just don’t feel like praising God, or are struggling to find something praise-worthy?  Our next issue covers that very topic in some very basic steps.

John Lysault will delve into the importance of giving thanks to the Lord, and will teach you steps in overcoming the giving thanks blues.

Our next issue comes out October 26th marking our six year anniversary!

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