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Stop Predatory Gambling Pushes to End Legalized Gambling

This weekend marks a nation-wide anti-gambling push to stop predatory gambling.  The group itself plans to take up seats inside the casinos in order to make machines inaccessible for gambling.

Stop Predatory Gambling is dedicated to obtaining national reform and wants to end government funded gambling. Stop Predatory Gambling believes that tax money should not be used by the government to lure citizens into gambling thus becoming enslaved to debt, that no one should depend on gambling to fund their activities, and no legislature should pass lawas to sponsor, promote or subsidize gambling.

Over 100 events have already taken place internationally, and the organization is asking for your support.  The main goal is to make gambling illegal.

For further information, please visit their website at stoppreditorygambling.org

Our Two Cents;

The Bible warns us regarding a love of money because money then exalts itself higher than God thereby becoming an idol.  Scripture also warns us that GOD shall supply all of our needs and to rely on Him.

Gambling quickly becomes an addiction, and it places our faith in a machine to supply our needs instead of God.  We place our faith in “luck”, and God has nothing to do with luck, nor is He in it.  God does not engage in chance, His promises are for everyone.

If you want to be blessed, your odds are better if you pray than if you gamble.  Gambling destroys families and lives.  Most people that engage in it become enslaved to it.  While I support making gambling illegal and that the government should not use “dirty” money for the betterment of society, I think that people who are being held into bondage by it need to know the Word rather than just have machines blocked.

Knowledge is it’s own power, and the truth even greater.



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