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Solution to Stress Made Simple With Long-Lasting Results

Additionally, the Health Benefits will Amaze You!

Prolonged exposure to stress has negative effects on the body.  Symptoms range from being tired, to physical ailments such as nausea, muscle aches, heart disease, anxiety, etc.  During times of stress, we often feel like we are in a “fight to survive”.  We don’t want to feel the weight of the situation, yet relief appears to elude us.

Relief only truly eludes you when you are not aware of any other option.  All of the meditation, relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, and “clearing your mind” are a temporary solution.  They deal with the physical effects (yet some can allow demons in, too), but not the underlying issue.

What if, however, you knew that a peace that surpassed all understanding was possible.  Simply put, this peace is an absolute calm and confidence despite negative circumstances.  It is a deep down knowing that everything will be fine- that there is nothing to worry about.  There is no reason to it.  It can’t be rationalized by the mind.  Yet it simply exists.

In addition to this type of resting peace, what if a strength could be added.  Would you want it?  Would you be interested in a way of recharging and energizing yourself even when you are completely exhausted?  It is possible as well- supernaturally possible, in fact.

Let’s take it a step further.  There are also ways to gain insight into your situation and find a solution.  It exists when we quiet our minds, and focus on that still quiet voice.  It is there when we silence Satan’s voice and open ourselves up to God.

Peace… Strength…. Guidance… Victory… Do all of these things sound good?  Are you ready for joy?  To receive?  Our next issue coming out on July 26 will walk you through how to attain all of these things and more.

The world can’t teach you these “secrets”, but God sure will!

About Michelle C. Danko

Michelle Danko is the Editor-In-Chief for Faith Filled Family Magazine.

Satan's greatest assault has been on families as he tries to destroy God's original design for it. Our children are reaping the negative consequences of an errant belief system resulting in confusion and disillusionment. Michelle believes that we need to have a strong relationship with God, our first ministry is to our family, and that everything else flows from that.

Michelle has a passion for seeing families live victoriously in Christ, and she doesn't just write about a life with God, but she lives it as well.

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