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Why Do Believer’s Fall Prey To Satan’s Destruction Of Families?

What Can We Do To Stop And Reverse This Trend?

The media keeps all of us aware that the definition of “family” is continually being rewritten.  No longer is it a two-parent home that may have children, but has been redefined to include partners (whether homosexual or cohabitation), and single parent dwellings.  Yet while we are astounded at the changes that are going on in our society that appears to be more encompassing, more generalized, more liberal, and more accepting in their views as opposed to previous generations, is anyone really asking the question as to the “why” of this phenomenon?  Why are families being attacked?  Why is divorce rampant?

Make no mistake, this isn’t just a societal shift in norms, but something that has been in the process for decades- the gradual disintegration of the family unit.  We, and subsequent generations, are being forced to accept something that should be unacceptable without question because if you don’t, then you are tolerating hate.  However, they fail to realize that it’s not about hate, but about upholding biblical truth.

The why to the destruction of families is quite simple: Satan is seeking to destroy family.  The why, many people do not realize.  Has anyone thought about what a successful, godly family looks like and what type of impact it would have not only to the kingdom of God, but the destruction of Satan?  I think that if we had, we would focus more effort on our first ministry: that of our family.

Think about it: Satan would attack something so heavily if it weren’t a threat to him.  Family and marriage are two of the most attacked areas in society.  Study after study proves the damaging effects that divorce (and other issues) have on children.  Interestingly enough, there are none, or just maybe just a few, that highlight the benefits of these societal trends.

One thing is made obvious, though.  This destruction is not from God who is the author of marriage.

Benny Stiltner will discuss why Satan seeks to destroy the family unit, and the dangers that a strong, godly, praying family has on his kingdom.  He will highlight why Satan fears families, and how families can regain harmony and reconciliation after falling prey to attack.

God can do some amazing things… Nothing is too great for Him, including reconciliation of a marriage.

For those who are married, protect that “first ministry”, because out of it, your “work” will prosper as well.  There are benefits to having a strong family in all areas, and is something that all believers should strive to work towards.  The investment is worth it!

Our October issue comes out on September 26, 2017!


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Satan is destroying families at an alarming rate. More and more marriages are ending in divorce and children are reaping the negative consequences of this trend. Michelle believes that our first ministry is to our family, and that everything else flows from that.

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