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Could You Be Suffering From An Identity In God Crisis?

We know who we are: as defined by those around us, our relationships, words spoken over us, and by our employment.  However, do we see ourselves as God sees us?

People tend to view themselves as defined by other people.  Whether positive words or negative words are spoken over our lives, we tend to internalize what it said and it becomes a part of our identity.  We begin to define ourselves as smart, witty, likeable, easy-going etc.  Also, on the other end of the spectrum as lazy, stupid, inept, and awkward.  These negative words are not how God sees His children.  This is not your identity.  Here’s the truth:

You Say…God Says Your Identity Is…

“I’m lazy.”  God says, “I’ve given you a spirit of self-control and discipline.”

“I’m stupid/won’t amount to much.”  God says, “I’ve created you with a plan and purpose.  I’ve given you gifting for the glory of the kingdom to use.  You will succeed.”

“I’m inept.”  God says, “You can do all things in Christ which strengthens you.”

“I’m awkward/ugly/defective.”  God says, “You were fearfully and wonderfully made.  You were made in the likeness and image of God.

These negative words are not how God (our Creator) sees us.  It’s not who (our Creator) says we are.  If God does not say these things about you, nor has He created you with these characteristics, why would you choose to take on negative thoughts instead of taking the lies of the enemy captive?  We need to recognize that if our self-talk does not line up with what the Word of God says, then it must be of the enemy.  Once we identify the source, we can then take the thoughts captive in Jesus name.

This is not to say that we don’t believe anything negative about ourselves, because then it closes us to correction.  However, we can reflect on what is being said, and meditate on whether it is valid.  Do not let the correction define you, but use it to improve yourself because we all need improvement, accountability, and correction in order to attain godliness.

Our next issue will turn around common negative perceptions we have of ourselves, and teach you who you are in Christ.  Or, simply, who God says you are.  Did you know that God says that you are more than a conqueror?  That you are redeemed from the curse of the law?  That you are blessed to be a blessing to others?

What does all this mean?  Learn more in our July issue coming out on June 26 and transform your mind to the thoughts of Christ.  Then see how your life will change- people will be drawn to you, you will have confidence, and will be healed of negative self-talk.

Victory WILL be yours!

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