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Church in Sweden Uses Drones to Distribute Bibles in Middle East

A church in Sweden has used their technological “out of the box” thinking to devise a new way to combat terrorism and to lead people to Christ.

According to The Christian Post, the Word of Life Church in Uppsala, Sweden will be using drones to distribute Bibles to those residing in ISIS controlled territories.  The church’s mission is to pass on hope and love of the gospel through the project.

Word of Life Church hopes to begin their new project in two weeks, and strives to drop thousands of Bibles that will reach others with the gospel.

The church noted that the demand for Bibles in the Middle East continues to grow despite persecution from militant Islamists.

“It is this need, we want to help meet this demand through the effort. To disseminate Bibles and therefore knowledge of the Christian faith, is something the Christian church has done since the invention of printing – in recent years also closed or inaccessible areas of the Soviet Union, China and North Korea.

This is not something new, with the exception of the practical approach,” the church continued. “The project is done in consultation and collaboration with local partners in the area, with great knowledge of the conditions and terms. It occurs in parallel with humanitarian efforts, medical team in refugee camps and distributing food and clothing to the needy.”

The Bibles are reported to be digital, and about the size of a pill box.  Additionally, they do not require the use of electricity to work.


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