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Atlanta Pro-Life March To Be Held This Friday


On Friday, January 19th, thousands of pro-life supporters will participate in the 2018 annual March for Life in downtown Atlanta. The event is sponsored by Georgia Right to Life (GRTL) and will commence at 11 a.m. with a prayer service at Liberty Plaza on Capitol Avenue across from the State …

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What You Didn’t Know About Pro-Choice Tactics Of Influence

“So, it turns out perpetual outrage is not an effective way to win friends and influence people. While that little nugget of truth goes without saying in most circles, it’s now coming as a major newsflash to advocates of abortion on-demand (and without apology), who are awakening to the fact …

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March For Life Flag Raised In Ottawa For First Time… Then Taken Down!

A pro-life flag was raised yesterday morning in Canada’s national capital, Ottawa.  This marks a first time in Canada’s history in which this flag waived over its City Hall. Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the National March for Life wherein thousands of pro-lifers rally at the Parliament demanding legal protection …

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The Hidden Truth About Down Syndrome: Do You Know The Reality?

Thousands of people hear the news each year through prenatal testing, that their child has been identified as having Down Syndrome.  In some countries, they are given the opportunity to either carry the baby to full term or abort.  Unfortunately, 90% of diagnosed cases in the United States choose to …

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VOICELESS Movie Speaks to the Silent Church

Synopsis: VOICELESS A war veteran, Jesse, becomes a community outreach leader after being hired by the pastor to attract new members to their church.  Yet, in the heart of a hopeless Philadelphia neighborhood, choking from poverty and low expectations, the two have different ideas of how to reach out. The …

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Mother Teresa Declared Saint For Her Outspoken Stance on Abortion

Mother Teresa was known for her global stance of pro-life causes. On September 2, 2016, she was declared a Saint by Pope Francis during a special ceremony at the Vatican.  This pro-life heroine skillfully utilized her well-known status to advance the pro-life cause on a global scale making her voice …

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