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Taking the High Road is Never Easy, But It Pays Dividends

Examine Your Heart- Are You Submitted to Do What is Right in God’s Eyes? I marvel  at the story of David and his humbleness to authority.  It is a uniquely rare characteristic that he displays regarding how he treats King Saul, yet shows remarkable strength in character.  David is well …

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Supernatural Boot Camp Teaches Believers Authority Over Demons

Occult practices have now been so widely publicized by media, that many have become desensitized to it.  Worse yet, many Christians do not know that they are not to engage in occult activity- or what even constitutes occult activity. We dismiss our actions as, “just for fun”, “I don’t really …

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Terminal Reports Are An Opportunity to Use Our Divine Physician

Look no further than your divine physician for answers When something appears to be wrong with our bodies, fear is quick to jump in and our imaginations go wild!  Fear can grip some of us so much that we put off doing anything about it until it’s too late.  Other …

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The Future is Alive and Vibrant- If You Have the Faith For It

If you are Tired of Seeing the “Same Old” all Around You, Maybe It’s Time to Change What You’re Doing Are we doomed to a life of more of just the same?  “Same old” paints a world with a bleak brush of hopelessness.  It is one littered with empty political …

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Prayers for Godly Leadership Ring Out Globally

Heavenly Father, today we pray wisdom over our countries leaders.  Where elections are in the midst of occurring, we pray that godly men and women would rise up.  We pray that they would be a strong voice for our nation.  We pray that their choices would be based on the …

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Will The Real Truth About Possession Please Stand Up (1 of 2)

Recent news has placed the Conjuring2 in headlines- not because of ratings, but due to paranormal activity.  Paranormal activity ranges from a deceased cadaver and his attendant going missing, demonic possession, to crosses appearing.  These unexplained events have caused quite a panic among those who cannot explain the happenings.  Is …

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Teen Independence With Parental Wisdom Ends Power Struggles

Independence Doesn’t have to be a Power Struggle Between Parent and Teen As children grow older, their desire and need for independence grows.  As parents, we need to foster that desire for independence (within limits) recognizing that our children will one day be responsible for their own decisions. However, often …

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Respect for Authority Needs to Be Taught to Our Children

There have been many comments made, “tongue in cheek” about how chivalry and good manners are dead.  But should it be? Good manners and respect for authority don’t have to be a thing of the past, but need to be taught to our children because we live in a world …

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