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Bright Ones (Bethel Music Kids) Releases Self-Titled Album

Bright Ones

A little more than two years ago Bethel Music introduced to us Bethel Music Kids. Now, those same kids are becoming young men and women. Not only have they grown, but their music has too. It’s fitting that they reintroduce themselves as Bright Ones and their new self-titled album releases …

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Prayer Prom Photo Sparks Controversy On Facebook But Should It Have?


A picture posted on Facebook by a California journalist has sparked much controversy in social media, as of late.  The photo was of a group of high schoolers who are about to go to the prom offering up prayer before a meal.  Credit was received by the journalist from the mother …

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Kim Walker Smith Announces 2018 On My Side Tour

Kim Walker Smith

Jesus Culture’s Kim Walker Smith just announced that she is heading out on a summertime “On My Side” tour with special guests Urban Rescue.  Last fall, after releasing her solo album, “On My Side”, Kim Walker Smith toured a dozen cities bringing a message of hope and healing to those …

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I Can Only Imagine Movie Surprise Box Office Hit!

I Can Only Imagine movie

I Can Only Imagine Movie Exceeds Expectations! The Christian-themed movie, “I Can Only Imagine“, pulled ahead of Disney’s movie (based on the book), “A Wrinkle In Time” which has been purported to have all of the original Christian elements removed by the screenwriter. I Can Only Imagine movie recounts the story …

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Jon Erwin Discusses Movie Based On MercyMe

The song, I Can Only Imagine, written by MercyMe lead singer, Bart Millard, has provided God’s hope to many listeners.  It is one of those songs that draws the listener close to God, and challenges them to feel God’s love.  The lyrics truly envelop you as you completely surrender yourself …

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Top 50 Countries With Highest Christian Persecution

For the sixteenth consecutive year, North Korea has toped Open Doors USA‘s list of the fifty countries ranked for the worst persecution of Christians in the world. Coming in at a close second is Afghanistan which increased by one place since the previous year.  It should be noted that all …

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Tithe Or Eat: What To Do If There Isn’t Enough

We are taught to tithe- to give God 10% of what we earn, or our first-fruits as instructed in Malachi.  However, what do you do when there just doesn’t seem to be enough money to pay bills, eat and tithe?  Do you forgo the tithe, or believe in faith? It …

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