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September 2017: Are You Walking in God’s Fullness For Your Life?

Our September 2017 Issue has Finally Arrived on our Website! Many Christians fall short of walking in the fullness of the blessings of God for one of three reasons: They don’t fully understand what they all are (you can’t walk in what you don’t know). We don’t delve deep enough …

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Satan’s Kingdom May Become Spooked In Our October Issue

Are you ready to fight?  Let’s get ready to rumble!  The win is guaranteed! Hollywood has been instrumental in portraying Satan as a larger than life beast.  He is equipped with superpowers that can almost defeat any Christian and sends chills (not to mention paranoia) to anyone who watches it. …

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May Christian Families Be a Beacon Of Excellence

Father, in the name of Jesus, Thank You for Your loving kindness and tender mercies. Lord, as Your vessels of light, we will let our light shine bright for the world to witness our moral excellence, steadfast love and kindness that others will be drawn to You. Bless families to …

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Experience Changes in Your Thinking: The Love-Lust Paradigm Series

“Looking” at the opposite sex, admiring “beauty”, “lusting” after your spouse… What’s godly, and what’s not? A couple of days ago, I was in a reception room waiting to be called for my appointment.  To “fill time”, I was perusing a “Christian” magazine, glancing over its contents, and not just …

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Differentiating Between God’s Delays and Denials

Have you ever prayed for something fervently and it has yet to manifest?  Many believers are in the same boat.  How can you distinguish as to whether you are experiencing a delay or a denial? Two questions that you need to ask yourself is: Is what I’m believing for scriptural, …

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Panamanians Protest Sex Education and Gender Ideology Bill

One hundred thousand Panamanians protested against a new national bill introducing sexuality education and gender ideology into their schools. In an interview given to C-Fam, Juan Francisco de la Guardia said, “This law is a colonization attempt. It was written and imposed on Panama by UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and …

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The Future is Alive and Vibrant- If You Have the Faith For It

If you are Tired of Seeing the “Same Old” all Around You, Maybe It’s Time to Change What You’re Doing Are we doomed to a life of more of just the same?  “Same old” paints a world with a bleak brush of hopelessness.  It is one littered with empty political …

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Prayer Potpourri Reveals God’s Plan, Forgiveness, and Love

prayer, plan, calling

Lord, reveal to us your plan and purpose for our lives.  We know that you created each one of us with unique talents and gifts to use for your glory.  Show each one of us your purpose for these gifts so that we may glorify you. For those who are …

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