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September 2017: Are You Walking in God’s Fullness For Your Life?

Our September 2017 Issue has Finally Arrived on our Website! Many Christians fall short of walking in the fullness of the blessings of God for one of three reasons: They don’t fully understand what they all are (you can’t walk in what you don’t know). We don’t delve deep enough …

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Love-Lust Paradigm: Change Your Thinking


“Looking” at the opposite sex, admiring “beauty”, “lusting” after your spouse… What’s godly, and what’s not? A couple of days ago, I was in a reception room waiting to be called for my appointment.  To “fill time”, I was perusing a “Christian” magazine, glancing over its contents, and not just …

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Prayer Potpourri Reveals God’s Plan, Forgiveness, and Love

prayer, plan, calling

Lord, reveal to us your plan and purpose for our lives.  We know that you created each one of us with unique talents and gifts to use for your glory.  Show each one of us your purpose for these gifts so that we may glorify you. For those who are …

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Preteen Adventure Game The Aetherlight Releases Second Episode

Scarlet City Studios recently announced the release of the second episode of The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance for August 5, 2016.  The game is currently available on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. This episode will be entitled, “Episode 2: The Resistance Takes Flight”.  It will retell the story of …

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Sickness Healed, Oppression and Bondage Gone in Jesus Name

healed, healing, cross

Heavenly Father, we lift up those who need healing today.  We pray for miracles to take place in people’s bodies.  We pray that as people are reading this (and vocalizing their prayers) that they will be instantly healed of all physical ailments.  We pray that they will experience a miracle …

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The Story of God With Morgan Freeman Goes Into Second Season

National Geographic channel just announced that The Story of God With Morgan Freeman will be returning for a second season. Emmy-nominated, The Story of God was the network’s most-watched series of all time.  Premiering last spring, critics called it “fascinating” (Wall Street Journal) and “eye opening” (MediaPost). The series earned …

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Trump Proposes Changes to Johnson Amendment

This change will allow religious organizations to speak freely about politics Donald Trump claims if elected, he will challenge the “Johnson amendment” that bans churches and other religious organizations from campaigning politically. While introducing Mike Pence as his running mate on Saturday, Trump stated, “We’re going to get rid of …

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Switchfoot’s “Where The Light Shines Through” Radiates with Worship

Synopsis: This album is a major comeback album for Switchfoot’s indie style return. Switchfoot has been a multi-platinum selling band for many years, and Where The Light Shines Through is their tenth album. They have been majorly successful, and two decades after their beginning they released this album with Vanguard …

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