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Trump Proposes Changes to Johnson Amendment

This change will allow religious organizations to speak freely about politics Donald Trump claims if elected, he will challenge the “Johnson amendment” that bans churches and other religious organizations from campaigning politically. While introducing Mike Pence as his running mate on Saturday, Trump stated, “We’re going to get rid of …

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Spark in Us a Fire That Burns Brightly Across the Nations

Heavenly Father, may we no longer be passive about our faith.  Give us boldness in declaring  your Word to the nations.  Ignite a fire in our hearts that burns passionately for you and your Word.  Let each one of us be a bold flame for you every day, on fire …

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Switchfoot’s “Where The Light Shines Through” Radiates with Worship

Synopsis: This album is a major comeback album for Switchfoot’s indie style return. Switchfoot has been a multi-platinum selling band for many years, and Where The Light Shines Through is their tenth album. They have been majorly successful, and two decades after their beginning they released this album with Vanguard …

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Your Cries Have Not Been Forgotten- Healing for Hurt

Heavenly Father, our voices lift up to you concerning love.  Teach us how to love one another with the love of Christ.  May our words be gentle and void of any malice.  May we not be quick to anger, but strong in patience.  We are all your children.  Show us …

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Godly and Blessed Children Are Just A Prayer Away

Heavenly Father, today we pray over our children.  Help guide our steps in training them up to be mighty men and women for God.  Reveal to us your plan and purpose over their lives.  Enable us to help them to walk in your plans over them. Teach us to speak …

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Learn How to Re-Energize Your Life and Overcome Challenges

Prolonged levels of stress can leave you feeling tired, and defeated in the natural.  Challenges can wear us down if we let them.  This can effect our prayer life, and lead many to second guess what they were believing for. This second guessing, however, is how Satan plants seeds of …

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Children Who Are Lost For Now Aren’t Lost Forever

Learn How to Pray The Lost Back Into The Kingdom Your child has grown up in church, and been taught the Word of God their entire life.  Then, suddenly, for whatever reason, they decide to turn from Him.  They angrily tell you that they no longer believe in God, or …

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Lord, Thank You For Our Spouse and Our Marriage

Heavenly Father, we pray for you to strengthen our marriages today.  Help us to see our spouse as you see them.  Teach us how to enjoy our spouse as the beautiful creation that you designed them to be. Thank you, Lord for loving me so much that you created someone …

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