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How Do You Silence The Voice Of Condemnation?

It’s that nagging voice lingering in the back of our thoughts that continually brings up past mistakes.  It tries to hold us in bondage to our past.  It tries to disqualify us from walking in the destiny that God has provided for us.  We feel unworthy, and sometimes, unlovable.  The …

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Feeling Burdened By A Situation? We Have The Key To Your Joy!

When we are going through challenges, it is easy to feel as if God is distant.  In these moments, it is quite easy to feel as if God is gone or has suddenly vanished from existence. Be encouraged, however, that God’s promises are that He will never leave or forsake …

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Shaping Your Future: Breaking Free From The Negative Thought Trap

We know that God spoke the world into existence, and that there is power in the spoken word.  However, do you know that there is power over your thoughts as well? Our thought life, and what we choose to meditate on shapes our future.  It acts as a seed, and …

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Receive Healing: Don’t Allow Tragedy To Turn Your Faith Into Travesty

“Let your character or moral disposition be free from love of money [including greed, avarice, lust, and craving for earthly possessions] and be satisfied with your present [circumstances and with what you have]; for He [God] Himself has said, I will not in any way fail you nor give you …

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Identifiers To Determine If Your Relationships Are Toxic

What can you do to change things for the better? What constitutes a toxic relationship?  Most of us could easily define it.  Are you in one?  Probably more difficult to ascertain for certain. Why?  Toxic relationships usually start off fine as all of us are able to generate a good …

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Feeling Overwhelmed? We Have a Solution For That!

At some point, we have all felt the sting of a loss.  Whether it is the end of employment, a relationship, financial hardship, or death of a loved one, we feel a sense of sadness.  While some are more resilient and bounce back, others may need more time depending on …

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Activate Change Over Stressful Situations Peaceably

Have  you ever experienced a stressful time in your life wherein you desperately wished you could change your environment?  What about a child who is being difficult or disobedient?  Have you ever wished that an ungodly characteristic would change?  It can, and it’s as simple as prayer. Our October article …

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