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God Is Love And Nothing Can Separate You From His Love

After Jesus’ death and resurrection, God leaves us with two commandments: to love God with our entire soul, mind, body and spirit, and to love one another.  Love is mentioned to cover a multitude of sins.  Why?  Because when we walk in love, we have compassion- not judgement- over others. …

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Don’t Seek To Avenge A Wrong- Ask God To Deal With It!

“The Rock! His work is perfect, For all His ways are just; A God of faithfulness and without injustice, Righteous and upright is He.” Deuteronomy 32:4 The desire to seek revenge when someone has wronged you can seem overwhelming.  We feel the sting of offence, and the indignation of an …

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How Well Do You Know God? It May Not Be As Well As You Think!

It has been said that we define God by our relationship with our earthly dad.  The same attributes that our earthly father has we tend to view as the characteristics of God.  There are some errancies to this, however, as we limit ourselves from seeing the true picture of our …

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Want To Be Set Free From The Lie Of Condemnation From Past Sin?

Our Next Issue Reveals The Truth About Past Sins… Walk In Love and Forgiveness! For some of us, it is difficult to let go of the past- even if we have given our lives to Christ.  We feel condemned that the sins of our past, in our own minds, are …

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To The Lost Sheep, With Unconditional Love, Healing, And Acceptance

Do you know how important you are to God?  There are many who will answer yes, but never fully comprehend the scope or the magnitude of God’s love for His children.  It’s a shame, though, because once you begin to grasp the magnitude of God’s love, everything begins to change: …

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Feeling Empty, Alone, Incomplete, Or Yearning To Be Loved?

Ever feel like something is missing?  Maybe you feel… incomplete somehow, and don’t know how to fill that void. We all have an inherent need to be loved, and to feel loved.  We feel, sometimes, that there is something missing, and we muse to ourselves as to what that could …

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Do You Yearn To Be Loved, Feel Complete, and Valued?

Are you lost?   You may have just inadvertantly stumbled into the right place. Do you know that there is a God who loves you more than you could ever imagine?  In fact, scripture says three things: 1. God loves His children so much and He gave His only Son …

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