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To The Lost Sheep, With Unconditional Love, Healing, And Acceptance

Do you know how important you are to God?  There are many who will answer yes, but never fully comprehend the scope or the magnitude of God’s love for His children.  It’s a shame, though, because once you begin to grasp the magnitude of God’s love, everything begins to change: …

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Feeling Empty, Alone, Incomplete, Or Yearning To Be Loved?

Ever feel like something is missing?  Maybe you feel… incomplete somehow, and don’t know how to fill that void. We all have an inherent need to be loved, and to feel loved.  We feel, sometimes, that there is something missing, and we muse to ourselves as to what that could …

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Do You Yearn To Be Loved, Feel Complete, and Valued?

Are you lost?   You may have just inadvertantly stumbled into the right place. Do you know that there is a God who loves you more than you could ever imagine?  In fact, scripture says three things: 1. God loves His children so much and He gave His only Son …

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Bullying Labels Your Child With Negative Words: Learn How To Erase Them

We hear about bullying all the time, whether it is in schools or online.  We try to protect our children’s self-esteem as best as we can, and their pain hurts to watch.  There sometimes is a sense of helplessness as a parent as you want to step in and instinctively …

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Rhonda Stoppe Provides 5 Steps To Raising Boys

To be the mother of a son is not for the faint of heart. I remember when my son was born. Looking into his little face, the feelings within me were somehow different from four years earlier when I had given birth to my daughter. I felt so inadequate as …

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Controlling Parents Or Are They Really Not Good Enough For You?

Do Your Parents Have a Legitimate Concern Or Just Having Trouble Letting Go? You feel as if God has directed you to “the one” that He has for you.  You begin dating and discover that you want to spend the rest of your life with that person.  So, you get …

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3R’s: Releasing Hurts, Rooting Out Bitterness And Reconciling Marriage

For some, letting go of past hurts can be challenging in a relationship.  Your closest friends and relatives constantly tell you to “forgive and forget”, but the pain is sometimes so deep that every time you think that you’ve moved on you discover that you haven’t – the hurt just …

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