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Stepping Into The Things That Punchlines Are Made Of?


Oh those punchlines!  Men, have you ever dismissed your wife’s feelings by staying, “Must be that time of the month”?  Ladies, have you criticized your husband for not cleaning up after himself- when he just got home after a hard day?  It’s the things that we laugh about in a …

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Know Who You Are In Christ … It Strengthens Relationships

Know who you are in Christ

The desire to find “the one” that we were meant to spend the rest of our lives with can dominate our thoughts… especially if the desire to get married is strong.  There is nothing wrong with this, and it is perfectly normal to long for the one that God has …

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Married/Getting Married? We Have Tips On Laying A Firm Foundation

Getting married is always a big step in a couple’s life.  It involves making a commitment to another person for a lifetime, and involved the joining together of two separate people into one flesh. While the world paints a picture of finding that “soulmate” or “perfect person” in which to …

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Marriage: Teaching Your Kids God’s Design For Family


The statistics on divorce have remained constant- 50% of marriages, no matter whether they are Christian or not, still end in divorce.  Numerous children have witnessed the pain involved when parents separate, and have grappled with their own feelings as well.  It is no wonder that many of them would …

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Affair Proof Your Marriage With Six “Hedges” With Nancy C. Anderson

affair proof

“Human nature” (flesh) drives our desire to want things that are bigger and better than what we currently have.  This is why the desires of the flesh can be consuming if not put in their correct place.  They are never satisfied, never content, and never satiated- all of which contradict …

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Could Your Marriage Be Suffering And You Don’t Even Know It?

marriage, love

One of the most saddest phenomenon in a marriage is when couples simply drift apart.  Drifting apart in a marriage is never sudden– it’s always gradual- and you never notice it until a chasm has developed between you and your spouse. What Happened To The Marriage To Cause This? The …

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Harmony Possible In Marriage With God At The Head


“A Cord of Three Strands Is Not Easily Broken” Ecclesiastes 4:12 With Or Without God: How Strong Is Your Strand? Is God at the centre of your marriage?  Is there harmony?  It’s easy to say yes, but what is the reality?  Too many other things in life jockey for God’s …

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A Godly Marriage Sets Children Up For Success

godly marriage

Are We Showing Our Children The Best for Their Marriage? If we want only the best for our children, why wouldn’t we be examples of a godly marriage ourselves?  As parents, we cannot afford to be “do as I say, not as I do” people.  It is not enough to …

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