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Jon Erwin Discusses Movie Based On MercyMe

The song, I Can Only Imagine, written by MercyMe lead singer, Bart Millard, has provided God’s hope to many listeners.  It is one of those songs that draws the listener close to God, and challenges them to feel God’s love.  The lyrics truly envelop you as you completely surrender yourself …

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Jonah: On Stage Debuted To Packed Out Audiences And Now Is Adding Another Matinee

Sight & Sound Theatre’s epic stage performance, Jonah: On Stage, has been received with packed-out attendance in movie theatres.  This must-see movie suitable for the whole family will be available for a one-time encore matinee June 3, 2017 at 11 am local time. Jonah: On Stage was filmed before a …

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The Resurrection Of Gavin Stone: The Next Christian Blockbuster?

Synopsis: At the heart of the film is a story of a man looking for a second (or third, or maybe even fourth) chance. Gavin Stone (Marvel’s Agents of Shield Brett Dalton) is a former child actor who had a hit show in the past but today is known more …

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The Case For Christ Will Turn Any Atheist Into A Believer… Hands Down!

Synopsis: “The only way to truth is facts.” – Lee Strobel This was something that Lee Strobel believed whole-heartedly. Lee was a successful, established journalist who believes only what can be proven through facts or what we can see, touch and hear. Lee has to have cold, hard facts before …

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Vanished Left Behind: Next Generation Launches in Theaters Soon

Get Your Tickets Now Before They…. Vanish (pun intended) Lost Angeles, California: Liberty University, Echolight Studios, and Tim LaHaye Productions have partnered in a one-night premiere event on Vanished Left Behind: Next Generation. The movie is a fresh version aimed at young adults inspired by the New York Times best-selling …

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Randy LaHaye Discusses Movie Vanished Left Behind: Next Generation

Vanished Left Behind: Next Generation

Interview with producer and grandson of late Tim LaHaye in our September issue. Vanished Left Behind: Next Generation is based on the New York Times best-selling book series by Jerry Jenkins and co-written by the late Tim LaHaye. Vanished has been described as a “fresh and modern coming of age …

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The Atheist Delusion Proves Creator Exists With One Scientific Question

Would you believe in God if it were scientifically proven?  What if it could be done with one scientific question? After 48 hours after its release, thousands have purchased an early viewing of a movie that claims to destroy atheism with one scientific question.  The film is called, “The Atheist …

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Rachel Joy Scott’s Journal Entries Used to Create New Columbine Movie

Scott was Killed for Her Faith in Columbine Shootings Multi-talented Abigail Duhon debuted her new video, “I’m not Ashamed” on Juce TV yesterday.  I’m Not Ashamed was co-written by Duhon and Grammy Award winning producer Chuck Butler. The song is based on the tragic death of Rachel Joy Scott.  Scott …

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