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Kirk Cameron Releases “The Heart Of Family”- A 6 Week Marriage Course

Actors, Kirk Cameron and his wife, Chelsea, announced the launch of a new online course on marriage and parenting called, “The Heart of Family: Six Weeks to a Happier Home and a Healthier Family”.  This project is presented by TheCourage, and is Cameron’s first collaboration attempt with his wife.  The …

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Faith Filled Family Launches New Section On Marriage And Parenting


Faith Filled Family is pleased to announce a new segment being incorporated into our website geared towards enhancing marriage and parenting. This new section will provide tips for raising godly children, solutions to common issues within the home, and provide advise for every stage of your child’s spiritual, emotional, and physical …

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Rhonda Stoppe Provides 5 Steps To Raising Boys

To be the mother of a son is not for the faint of heart. I remember when my son was born. Looking into his little face, the feelings within me were somehow different from four years earlier when I had given birth to my daughter. I felt so inadequate as …

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Total Family Makeover Book: Transforming Families From The Inside Out

Total Family Makeover: 8 Practical Steps to Making Disciples at Home  You want to disciple your children, but, you’re unsure where to begin. In Total Family Makeover, Melissa Spoelstra offers the tools to equip you for investing in the eternity of your child. Through practical steps, Spoelstra takes parents on …

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Are You Following God’s Priorities For Your Life And For Your Family?

In a family, a great deal of attention can be focused on the children.  Between helping with homework, conversations, discipline, family time, Bible time, and extra-curricular activities, we can spend a great deal of time focused on their activities ensuring their future is filled with possibilities.  Yet what about your …

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Preparing Your Child For The Next Phase In Life

As she watched her son’s car fade into the distance, tears that she had choked back earlier flowed freely down her face.  Her husband placed his arm around her waist drawing her close in comfort.  She had always known that the moment would come when he would leave the nest.  …

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Our Children’s Call Is Walking In The Supernatural

Should We Teach Our Children Not to Be “Normal”? “Conformity” is preached all around us.  It begins in our educational system whose sole purpose is to prepare our children for entry into society.  It isn’t a bad thing, per se, however, parents need to ask themselves whether they want their …

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Teen Independence With Parental Wisdom Ends Power Struggles

Independence Doesn’t have to be a Power Struggle Between Parent and Teen As children grow older, their desire and need for independence grows.  As parents, we need to foster that desire for independence (within limits) recognizing that our children will one day be responsible for their own decisions. However, often …

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