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Parents, Do You Need Peace, Strength, and Energy? It’s A Prayer Away!

As parents of special needs children can often attest to, there are good days, and days where they need a little bit more patience/strength.  Parents with autistic children, those that have children diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome, or parents with children with behavioral disorders can find days very challenging.  Often, there …

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Jaci Velasquez Releases New Album, Trust/Confio, On Trusting God

Multi-Platinum selling artist, Jaci Velasquez, will be releasing her first-full length studio album in five years entitled, “Trust” – or in Spanish, “Confio”.  The album is set to release on a global scale to 160 nations on March 31 from Integrity Music.  Velasquez is a Billboard Latin Music award winner …

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If We Are All Children Of God, How Are You Treating Your Siblings?

The word, family, is not just reserved for the people that reside with us in our homes, or those we are related to.  “Family” can encompass our church family, or be used on an even broader scope to include all people residing on earth.  We are all “brothers and sisters” …

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Home Harmony: How To Resolve Conflict Between Siblings

Peace in the home…   It isn’t just a nice thought, but can be a reality according to Scripture. But I have children, and they are constantly fighting, you say? Why Does It Seem Like They Are They Always Fighting? Squabbling between siblings can occur for several reasons: Personality Conflicts: God …

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Passive-Aggressive Style: Overcoming Unspoken Resistance

In our December issue of Harmony in the Family, we discuss how to overcome the passive-aggressive behavior without letting this nicely phrased “slap” get under your skin. On the surface, people who are passive-aggressive appear to be agreeable.  They will not directly tell you no, but they won’t do what …

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Anger and Rage Overcome Permanently With These Simple Steps

Anger and rage are strong emotions, and those that engage in them know the results too well. The home should be a place of peace, harmony, and tranquility.  It should be our refuge away from the world and a place of welcome relaxation.  Anger in the home causes strife and …

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