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Are You Temporal Or Eternally Minded When It Comes To Heaven?

When thinking about eternity, most of our mindsets are in the “here and now” making it very temporal in nature.  While there is nothing wrong with thinking temporally when dealing with eternity, you may be limiting your experience in Heaven. When someone gives their life to Christ on their deathbed, …

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Want To Be Set Free From The Lie Of Condemnation From Past Sin?

Our Next Issue Reveals The Truth About Past Sins… Walk In Love and Forgiveness! For some of us, it is difficult to let go of the past- even if we have given our lives to Christ.  We feel condemned that the sins of our past, in our own minds, are …

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Feeling Empty, Alone, Incomplete, Or Yearning To Be Loved?

Ever feel like something is missing?  Maybe you feel… incomplete somehow, and don’t know how to fill that void. We all have an inherent need to be loved, and to feel loved.  We feel, sometimes, that there is something missing, and we muse to ourselves as to what that could …

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Do You Yearn To Be Loved, Feel Complete, and Valued?

Are you lost?   You may have just inadvertantly stumbled into the right place. Do you know that there is a God who loves you more than you could ever imagine?  In fact, scripture says three things: 1. God loves His children so much and He gave His only Son …

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Good Morning, God: We Praise You Each and Every Morning

praise, thanks, thanksgiving

Good Morning, Lord!  We Lift Up Our Voices of Praise For All You Do, All You Have Done, and For What is Yet to Come! Heavenly Father, we give you praise today!  You are good all the time!  We thank you that you are our provider.  You meet all of …

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Church in Sweden Uses Drones to Distribute Bibles in Middle East

A church in Sweden has used their technological “out of the box” thinking to devise a new way to combat terrorism and to lead people to Christ. According to The Christian Post, the Word of Life Church in Uppsala, Sweden will be using drones to distribute Bibles to those residing …

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