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Want Breakthrough In Every Area? We Will Tell You How!

Satan is sensationalized by media to be some dominating, formidable, powerful force to be reckoned with by any believer who stands in his way.  He is portrayed as this terrifying force that most people would rather avoid, and who puts fear into them.  Another misconception that is being wielded is …

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God, I Want You To Move That Mountain Right… NOW!

As most of us already know, life isn’t always peaceful.  At some point in their walk, a Christian will inevitably be confronted with a storm.  Armed with our Bible in one hand, and biblical confessions coming out of our mouths at lightning speed we attempt to speak to that mountain …

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David Baloche Discusses Debut Scripture Based Album With FFFM

Recording artist and composer, David Baloche, released his scripture-based debut album, Labyrinth, worldwide on March 24, 2o17.  Labyrinth quickly hit iTunes top 10 Christian & Gospel Chart in its first week at digital retail.  Labyrinth is a unique musical meditation that uses various translations from scripture, and was David’s first …

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Is Your Mind Dirty, Clean or Battling Somewhere In Between?

This is an area that many believers struggle in; How do we keep our thoughts pure? It is easy to follow the world’s pattern of thinking.  Unless you were raised in a Christian home, many of us were taught to think “the way of the world”, and it takes some …

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Have You Become Too Desensitized To Ungodly Political Views?

As Christians, we look at the world and witness how ungodly it can be.  It seems as if they are far from God- or are they? Each generation contains sin in various forms.  Sin has always existed.  Lust, greed, theft, etc… They have all existed.  The only thing that changes …

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Capitol Hill Openly Participates in National Bible Week

Washington- In honor of the 75th anniversary of National Bible Week which runs November 13-19, several lawmakers shared some of their favorite Scriptures and discussed the Word in the House of Representatives. Representative Tim Walberg (R-MI), according to CBN News, quoted from Psalms 1, “How blessed is the man who …

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If We Are All Children Of God, How Are You Treating Your Siblings?

The word, family, is not just reserved for the people that reside with us in our homes, or those we are related to.  “Family” can encompass our church family, or be used on an even broader scope to include all people residing on earth.  We are all “brothers and sisters” …

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