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Teen Independence With Parental Wisdom Ends Power Struggles

Independence Doesn’t have to be a Power Struggle Between Parent and Teen

As children grow older, their desire and need for independence grows.  As parents, we need to foster that desire for independence (within limits) recognizing that our children will one day be responsible for their own decisions.

However, often in that oscillation between being dependent on parents and the struggle for independence, conflict can occur between parent and child.  The child wants to spread their wings be able to make their own choices, yet parents have wisdom and experience.  This type of conflict can be a source of friction between parent and child, yet it doesn’t have to be.

Our next issue will discuss how parents can allow their children the independence to make decisions while guiding them with wisdom while speaking into their lives.  Children need to stop seeing parents as controlling their every move, and begin to respect their parents wisdom.  Parents have wisdom, experience, and are able to see the consequences of certain actions.  We are not emotionally involved in a situation, and can see things with a clearer perspective.

This article will teach you how to let you children feel like they have control over their lives without making them feel controlled.  It involves working with your children, explaining the situation, and talking things through.  It shouldn’t be a power struggle, yet parents should seek to impart wisdom into their children so that when they are on their own, they are capable of making good decisions.

If you allow your children to feel like they are making their own choices within the safe haven of the home, they will be more confident and empowered as an adult in their capabilities.

Our next issue comes out June 27th and is entitled, “Preparing the Next Generation”.

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