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Terror Attack in Jerusalem Leaves Two Officers Dead And A Third Wounded

A terror attack Friday at the Lion’s Gate near the entrance to Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City killed two Israeli police officers and left a third moderately wounded.

Police have identified the officers as Hail Sitawi (30) and Kamil Shnaan (22).  Both officers resided in Druze towns to the north.

The two critically injured officers were rushed to Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus where they died from their injuries.  The third officer was taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Centre where they are being treated.

Preliminary reports show three terrorists were involved, and all held Israeli identity cards.  They walked from the Temple Mount to the Lion’s Gate where they opened fire of Israeli security personnel in the area before fleeing back to the Temple Mount.

Police later confirmed that all three were from the Israeli Arab city, Umm al-Fahm located in the north.  Residents in this area hold Israeli identity cards which enable them to move freely throughout the country as a citizen.

Security in the area pursued the terrorists and returned fire which neutralized the terrorists.  Two of the gunmen were shot dead, and the third is currently in custody.  They confiscated two Karl Gustav rifles and a pistol.  They sealed off the area preventing Muslim’s traditional Friday prayer at the site.

Mickey Rosenfeld, the Israel Police Spokesman, said in a statement, “Security assessments [are] being carried out by police officers and police commissioner. Heightened security continues in the area. The Temple Mount will remain closed throughout the day.”

It was only one month prior when Border Police Staff Sergeant Hadas Malka ws killed in a similar terror attack outside the Damascus Gate.

Further details on the attack can be found here.


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