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Fasting Diet Has Pros and Cons

The Fasting Diet: will it be the new craze? This diet is stirring up a lot of publicity. Why so much attention?

Everyone is looking for an easy way to get healthy and stay in shape. With the world so focused on appearances, and with a rise in instances of high blood pressure and heart problems, does this new diet give us hope? Or will fasting be taken to the extreme?

Let’s check out some of the facts of the fasting diet:

  • 200- 750 calories are allowed for the first two days.
  • The fasting must be at least eight hours straight.
  • The next five days consist of fulfilling meals of anything you want to eat.

The Fasting Diet is reported to produce extremely fast results causing the body to teach itself to burn sugar more effectively.

Studies conducted over time concluded that those who ate fewer calories were over all healthier than the ones whom did not participate in fasting. Blood pressure was lowered and mental health was improved.

The Fasting Diet is not for long term use, and if used improperly, the dieting could do more harm than good. Side effects include could include: headache, fatigue, physical stress and loss of muscle.

Before you start any diet regime, make sure you contact your physician.

Our Two Cents:

Anything can be good for you, in moderation. Even the fasting diet can have a positive impact on your life. Just being careful not to let things go to an extreme.

The Bible teaches us to do everything in prayer. Fasting and prayer go hand in hand. “Fasting” includes not only food, but can be almost anything that exalts itself above God.

Fasting involves taking your eyes off the world and allowing God to see that we are on a steadfast relationship journey.

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