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Lakeland Resident Writes a Book on Thankfulness After Adversity

How thankful are you for God’s blessings?  What about in times of adversity?

Dragonflies, Ketchup, and Late-Night Phone Calls, written by Daphne Tarango,  guides readers through 31 days of journaling God’s blessings from the small to the large.  In it, readers will increase their quality of life, improve their daily outlook, and, most importantly, give praise and thanksgiving to God on a daily basis.

Daphne wrote this, her first book, during a season when her husband was unemployed.  She had decided to turn a negative situation into one of thanksgiving and praise to God.

In a press release, Daphne states:

“I wanted to help myself through a difficult season, but as I thought more about our situation and how many other people are in similar situations, I knew this was much bigger than I originally anticipated,”

Daphne believes that her book can help those who are facing disheartening situations.  Whether the cause is employement related, financial, economic, negative news, health related… Dragonflies, Ketchup, and Late-Night Phone Calls will appeal to you, and can get you through some tough times.  It can also be used in a group setting to remind you of God’s goodness.

This book is for everyone- both young and old- who are going through tough times to be reminded of God’s goodness on a daily basis in our lives.  It will give you strength when you need it, and praise to get you through your situation.

Find out more about Dragonflies, Ketchup, and Late-Night Phone Calls in the Spring issue of Faith Filled Family.

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