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Tim Rowe’s Interview Discusses Importance of What is in Our Heart

Christians have too often ignored a fundamental truth: that the heart is the key to everything in the Christian life because from it, comes life or death.

As we think, so we are is an abolute truth.  This is why the Bible urges us to mediate on God’s Word daily so that it becomes part of us- that it is kept alive in our heart.

Author Tim Rowe recently wrote a book entitled, The Heart: The Key to Everything in the Christian Life, and Faith Filled Family was priviledged to have had an opportunity to interview him for our June edition.  In his book, Time discusses how the heart is the wellspring of emotion, action, motives and character.  Our identity, discussions, what we verbalize, and what we do flows from what we believe in our heart.

Believers will discover how their heart is central for spiritual growth, and how it can better reflect Christ in today’s world.  Our hearts are the key to our service and reflect our obedience to God.  It is the key to purity and the depths of our praise/worship, and expressions of love for God.

Rowe feels that the church should once again teach on the proper understanding of our hearts so that we can reveal the Christ in us properly.

Tim Rowe discusses his new book and more in our upcoming issue being released on May 26th.


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Michelle Danko is the Editor-In-Chief for Faith Filled Family Magazine.

Satan's greatest assault has been on families as he tries to destroy God's original design for it. Our children are reaping the negative consequences of an errant belief system resulting in confusion and disillusionment. Michelle believes that we need to have a strong relationship with God, our first ministry is to our family, and that everything else flows from that.

Michelle has a passion for seeing families live victoriously in Christ, and she doesn't just write about a life with God, but she lives it as well.

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