The unexplainable.  What do you do when tragedy somehow strikes leaving you with the question of how could God have let this happen?  Premature death of a loved one, accidents, disease, and financial ruin all leave us asking God why.

Well-meaning people offer different suggestions and rationales, but somehow manage to make things worse with their explanations.  The reality is that there are just some things we don’t have an answer to until we meet Jesus or He reveals it to us.  Simply put, there are just some things that we may not understand.

It doesn’t make it easier, and sometimes closure is harder to obtain as we struggle to make sense of what has transpired.  In the midst of our sorrow, many of us question as to whether God is even there, and in our anger we cry out asking Him how he could have let this happen.  It seems unfair!

Got is always there through your sorrow, and in the middle of tragedy, He walks along side of you.  He comforts you and surrounds you with His love.  There may be reasons, but in the end, it becomes speculation.  Just know, that in the midst of the sorrow, the tears, and the anger, there is a God who loves you.

Our next issue deals with the issue of dealing with tragic events without loosing and questioning your faith.  It will teach you how to move on even if you don’t have answers, and to once again walk in peace.  Let the hurt go, and let the healing in…

Next issue comes out April 26.