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Transform DJ’s Reaches Audiences With Scripture By Using Techno Beat


Transform DJ’s are able to reach audiences, particularly of the younger generation, through their heart-felt techno beats. Originating from Denver, Colorado,  this Christ-centered group has been traveling the world using dance music to transform their audiences. Never Alone is this group’s newest hit, and it features 17 club hips that will have you dancing on your feet. This is a thrilling way to praise God and you will not regret purchasing this album. Get ready for a new generation of praise music!!

Songs on Album:

Intro: The intro to this album is perfect for beginning a night of fun and worship. It’s back beats and slow intro are a time I would imagine with the entire building raising their hands to get ready to praise. It is a short song, but a great way to begin this techno album!

Valley: Valley is the second song on this album. This song is a great opening for getting the crowd pumped up! This song has incorporated techno lyrics about walking through the valley without fear because God will lead the way. The bridge in the middle of the song is great as well which is a great reminder, especially for the younger generation. It gets the message across in a fun way.

Can’t Take It: This song, along with Valley starts off with some perfect dancing back beats. What a great idea to get the session going. The lyrics in this techno-pop song are reminding us that we should run to God because we can not take on the world alone.

Catch My Fall: This is another great worship dancing song. It’s music along with lyrics are reassuring that the Lord will always be there to catch us if we fall. All we need to do is keep our eyes on Him and be comforted in knowing that He is always there. Transform DJ’s did a great job with this song as well.

I Feel You: I Feel You is a very unique song. The beats along with the message makes you want to get up and dance. In the song, it states “Your presence makes my bones shake.” This song incorporates a clear message because of the many lyrics in between the beat parts.

Never Alone: Never Alone is a nice pleasant switch from the first few songs on the album. This was personally one of my favorites on the album. The message of Never Alone is a powerful one, reminding us that no matter what circumstance we may be in, God will always be there to hold our hand along the way. (Isaiah 41:10)

Fortress: Fortress is another song on this album that starts out a little slower. The piano at the beginning of this song is a genius addition. This is a reminder that the Lord is indeed our rock and our fortress. This song is a great mid-album beat and perfect for worship anywhere.

Interlude: The interlude was a pleasant and soft back beat for the middle of the album. It is short, but the beats are made with purpose.

Transfer: Transfer brings back the dancing techno-pop beats following the interlude. What a genius name for this song, as it transfers the body and the soul back into the dancing spirit.

So Good: So Good is a great song, reminding us of how good our Lord is to us. I really enjoyed the woman’s voice with the alterations and back beat. This song is sure to be a hit at any banger!

Life: Life is another up beat song on this album. I can picture men and women across the world fist pumping and then immediately raising their hands for worship. This song has great transitions between the parts where people should be jumping around, to the parts where they should be standing still feeling the music.

Voices: The message to this song is a great idea! It is reminding us to fight for the speechless and those who do not have a voice. It is a great song to remind us what we stand for as Christians, and how we should strive to be Christ- like individuals everyday. We are the voices of this generation.

Horizon: The intro to this song is spectacular! It is another extreme techno song that makes you want to get up and dance. It is both pleasant and powerful.

Less Treaded: Less Treaded is one of the shorter songs on the album, but just as great. It is a reminder that no matter where we are we should lift our heads up because we are never alone.  Sometimes traveling the road less traveled is what we are called to do.

Journal: Journal is also another major techno song. This song is perfect for nights out including worship. The back beat for this song is another fist pumping feel, and I can definitely see this beat becoming a hit.

Forever: Forever is the last full song on this album. Transform Dj’s did an excellent job collaborating each feel into this final song. It is a great final song, reminding us that Christianity is forever. God’s love for us is forever, and eternity is forever.

Outro: Outro was very similar to the Intro. This song I imagine would be used for prayer, and closing thoughts. It is very peaceful and reassuring.


I really liked the concept of this album. Being a member of the younger generation, Tranform DJs did a great job of trying to reach young adults and teenagers by combining techno music with the Word. It is truly a great idea, and I would imagine that one of their “club experiences” is unlike any other. With today’s techno hits, the Word is almost never present, making this a genius way to reach out and switch Christian music up a little!


I really enjoyed the music and messages from this album. However, some of the songs I felt were lacking messages compared to others. Some songs I could really feel the message, and others were very vague and I did not fully grasp what I thought the message was intended to be. Again, I think incorporating messages into techno music is a great idea, but it wasn’t totally grasped throughout the entire album.

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