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TrueSearch Search Engine Promotes Christian Websites and Businesses

TrueSearch Supports Kingdom Builders


BRANDON, FLA- New search engine, www.TrueSearch.today, looks to encourage Christians to support and search for Christian websites and businesses.

Businesses can submit their website by completing an online form where they can affirm their acceptance and Christ Jesus as Savior, and answer a few Bible questions.

Christians searching for particular goods or services can access this search engine and support Christian businesses.

Chris Lind, who owns TrueSearch, says, “There’s an enormous number of Christian and family oriented websites, businesses, and networking groups springing up throughout the country. We are hoping to create a search engine that unites them all and creates a spirit of cooperation and camaraderie among all members of the body of Christ, from any denomination.”


In order to achieve this goal, when a Christian or family oriented website is submitted for inclusion, TrueSearch will provide them with the option to receive free advertising.  As long as the message is family friendly and appropriate, the ad can be anything the person likes and may be changed as often as they like.  The business/organization is free to create an ad promoting a church, business or personal website.  They can also simply leave an uplifting message to leave a smile on someone’s face!

“We hope this creates a ‘win-win’ mentality in the Christian community. If you are a Christian plumber, it is OK to let the Christian community know about other Christian plumbers, because your own website will get promoted in the process,” says Chris.

Future versions will allow Christians to network with each other and trade website submissions.  TrueSearch hopes that it will allow for mobility and better ad placement in the available search result “real estate” space.

Websites that with to be included can visit www.TrueSearch.today/About.aspx. Christian and family oriented small businesses are especially encouraged to try TrueSearch.

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