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President-Elect Trump Says Same-Sex Marriage Is “Settled”

President-elect, Donald Trump, said in an interview with “60 Minutes” that he is fine with same-sex marriage referring to the issue as “settled” by the Supreme Court.

Trumps comments are in sharp contrast to the Republican’s stance on the issue, Mike Pence’s long-held beliefs, and comments made by Trump himself during the primaries.

“It’s law,” Trump said in the interview that aired on Sunday. “It was settled in the Supreme Court.  I mean, it’s done.”

Additionally, when Trump was asked if a Supreme Court justice would be appointed who will overturn Roe vs. Wade, he commented that his judges would be pro-life, and suggested that it could be overturned.  He said that if this were the case, it would go back to the states, and that women seeking abortions would have to go to another state for the procedure.
The stance of the Republican Party still remains the same on the issue of same-sex marriage.  The party ratified their platform as of July of this year, and still oppose same-sex marriage, condemn the rulings in Obergefell vs. Hodges legalizing gay marriage nationwide, and United States vs Windsor.  They support religious freedom for businesses to deny services to LGBT people.Trump’s comments go against what Vice-President elect, Mike Pence, believes.  Pence signed a religious freedom bill into law in 2015, but changed some of its wording after severe backlash nationally.

Trump also feels, as stated at the Republican National Convention, that transgender people should use whatever bathroom they feel comfortable with.  During the primaries, he also said that same-sex marriage should have been left up to the states, and he would consider appointing Supreme Court judges to overrule the marriage decisions.

Only time will truly tell what President Elect Trump will do in terms of legislation going forward.  Faith Filled Family urges its readers to continue to pray for wisdom over President Trump, and those in power so that godly decisions, and God-honoring decisions are being made.


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One comment

  1. This article grips at my heart….I enjoyed reading ti!
    And I agree with your analysis to pray for the President – elect, as well as all the politicians within our government. Though, I am not surprised by his quick change of mind regarding “same sex marriage”…It’ typical behavior of so many politicians. Be that as it may, Christians must take a stand for what God ordained marriage to be. This is why it’s all-important to do the contrary and turn the world upside down. And this must be executed in the love of God, compassion and His amazing grace.