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Movies: How To Maintain A Biblical Sense of Purity For Your Family

You have heard it said that the eyes are the windows to the soul.  This is an accurate statement as what we watch (television, movies) influences what we meditate on.  What we meditate on, in turn, becomes part of our thought process and finds itself embedded into our souls.  Once embedded, it takes root and we may find ourselves dealing with issues not knowing where they even stemmed from.

A classic illustration is watching shows containing violence/action.  Prolonged exposure leads to desensitization.  In some people, their behavior changes to one of aggression because higher levels of testosterone are being stimulated in the body.  If you don’t think that it affects you, try not watching it for a period of 28 days.  Then go back to it.  I’ve done this myself, and I found when I returned, I was horrified at the images being shown.  They were too graphic and too violent.  I couldn’t watch it anymore.

Romance movies can be a similar trap.  In some people, it has no effect- it is simply a nice story.  However, if you find yourself comparing the main character to your spouse generating dissatisfaction in your marriage, it is not a good thing.  It is an indicator that your expectations are either too high, or something needs to be addressed.  It is not an indicator, though, to look elsewhere or use the movies as a method of escape.

moviesMovies containing excessive swearing can be yet another Spirit polluting potential.  Hearing repeated profanity embeds itself in our soul.  It may not come out of your mouth, yet, but it becomes part of your inner thoughts.  Those inner thoughts have a habit of coming out of your mouth.

The danger of polluting our souls with things that are not godly is that what we watch begins to take root because we tend to think about what we just watched (meditate).  Once we meditate on it, it becomes part of us.  Then out of our mouths comes what we meditate on.  Once it’s out of our mouths, it can become our reality.  Here is an example:

Susan just watched an incredible movie over the weekend.  It involved a woman who had a great personality, but was not good at finding a suitable husband.  Dating was one disaster after another.

Discouraged, she stops looking for Mr. Right and vows not to date another man.  Shortly after, she does meet Mr. Right.  All of her attempts to push him away due to past experiences are futile.  He has all the right moves- he’s suave, debonair, handsome, charming, and has all the right words.  He wins over her heart with his constant words of affirmation!

The movie ends with the couple living happily ever after (as after a series of conflicts it inevitably does).

Wonderful movie, and yet the result is not so great.  Susan begins comparing her husband to the woman’s date.  She begins to wonder why he can’t be more romantic and thoughtful.  Why can’t his words be so sweet?  Also, why can’t his physique be so magnificent?  “He could better care of himself,” she begins to rationalize.

While meditating on these thoughts, seeds of dissatisfaction begin to grow and take root.  Bitterness at her husband’s perceived lack start to grow and manifest in the relationship.  She begins to criticize his appearance- he should work out more.  She criticizes his attempts at making her happy- too little, too late, he doesn’t appreciate her.  Yet, what she doesn’t realize, is that even though he may not look like a Hollywood star (most people really don’t), God selected this man especially for her.  He is perfect for her, and she is telling God that He made a mistake (God doesn’t make mistakes!).  Instead of working any valid issues through, she is just tearing him down because he doesn’t measure up to the man in the movie.

Regarding horror movies, these are especially dangerous for Christians.  Watching them incites fear into our hearts as we become engrossed in the plot.  We jump out of our seats as our heart pounds loudly in our chest.

When we return home, we try to convince ourselves, “It’s just a movie”, yet despite our self-persuasion, every tiny noise makes us jump as we relive the movie.  It has become part of our thoughts.  Suddenly, some of us think that we see ghosts because that is the effect of the power of suggestion.  Satan is more than happy to oblige.  He will let you see into the spiritual realm, and as Christians we do have this ability.  The ability is not to scare you.  As mentioned yesterday, we have authority over demons, so we don’t have anything to fear.  We have this ability so that darkness is exposed and we can rid our houses of demons.

Demons can exist in houses due to people that have entered it (we do not always know what our friends are engaged in), and spirits can attach themselves to people.  They can also transfer to others (if you are not mindful) and linger behind to cause mischief.

Familiar spirits can exist as well.  Your dead grandma cannot communicate with you, but Satan wants you to think that she is there.  If you think you see her, whether in actuality or a dream, there is always fear in your spirit.  It’s not because she is dead, but because she is a demon.  If God ever (which He won’t) showed you a dead relative, you would be in peace just as when an angel appears.  However, we never are.  Ever wonder why?

Angels appear as well, as we can see both the demonic and the spiritual.  However, they tell you not to be afraid, and they will also not give you a name.  Any angel that does is of Satan as angels have no pride.  Their purpose is to bring glory to God, not attention to themselves.

Not only will you see demons, and may be plagued by whatever manifestations you are meditating on, but a deposit of fear is begin placed in you.  You become fearful.

So, should Christians watch horror movies?

The answer is no.  In watching horror movies you are polluting your Spirit, instilling fear into your heart, and have the potential for demonic manifestations.  Satan will take advantage of your fear.

Can you become possessed by watching a horror movie?

If you have given your heart to Jesus, then no.  If you invite a demon willingly in, then yes.  However, most possessions aren’t immediate.  It usually happens over a period of time involving the demon lying to the individual to gain the person’s trust, then gradually taking over.  Possession usually involves having a conversation with a demon to the point wherein they become familiar.  Oppression works differently.

Oppression works usually when a seed is planted or spoken and received.  It can also manifest when you pray over someone and become spiritually vulnerable.  If we are not in tune with God, sometimes transference can take place.  Protection from this comes in being aware, watching who you pray over, and praying for yourself afterwards.  Spiritual discernment comes in handy in this case.

So should Christians even watch movies/television?

Absolutely!  Just be mindful of what you are watching, and what you are introducing into your Spirit.  I recommend Christian movies that teach you the things of God and are based on scripture.  The plots are excellent and have conflict, but in the end, God always receives the glory.  God’s glory is what we should be meditating on.  Scripture tells us to meditate on God’s Word day and night because it will take root in our heart.  We will grow spiritually and good fruit will begin to grow.  Scripture pushes back the darkness in our lives and reveals the truth.  Secular movies are for entertainment, to inform/persuade (not always a godly thing), or to educate.  Christian movies are to bring God’s truth to you, for God to be glorified, to teach on scripture, and to plant good seed for a good harvest.

So, what seeds will you be planting in your soul today?  What will be your outcome?

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Michelle Danko is the Editor-In-Chief for Faith Filled Family Magazine.

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Michelle has a passion for seeing families live victoriously in Christ, and she doesn't just write about a life with God, but she lives it as well.

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