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Twenty words that sell themselves

Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade Anyone? Twenty Words that Sell Themselves

I woke up this morning thinking about Lemonade (and not because there’s an album out about it) but because the I love lemonade, especially in October.  You see, October means that its time to go to the County Fair, and there you will find the best lemonade.  Or at least, it was when I was a kid.  Now, when I go to the fair, I frantically search for that sign, moving from concession stand to stand.  I only stop when I see the words: Fresh-squeezed Lemonade. Yeah, I’m old school, in a sense, because I love home-made stuff.  I love that somebody took the time to squeeze all the juice and pulp out of a lemon and added real sugar.

So yes, I’ll spend 15 minutes trying to find “the stand” with the real lemonade.

It got me to thinking: Having good lemonade is important, but the word “fresh-squeezed” is even more important. Because if this lemon lover does not see that word, then she is not stopping.  And what if everyone actually had the same lemonade??

More food (pun intended) for thought: What if Popeye’s just sold biscuits, and not Buttermilk Biscuits? And what if Bluebell didn’t sell Homemade Ice cream? I could go on, but you get the idea.

The words you use are important.  You know that your words have power.  The scriptures teach us that, but in the everyday world of trade and commerce, your words can make you or break you. I thought it’d be good to share some words that consumers love to read, which gets them ready to pull out their wallets. Here are a list of twenty words that sell themselves.

1. New

2. Free

3. Now

4. Because

5. Reason

6. Please

7. Thank You

8. Imagine

9. Think

10. Secrets

11. Shocking

12. Discover

13. Important

14. Urgent

15. How To

16. Proven

17. Guaranteed

18. Breakthrough

19. Biggest Mistakes/Myths

20. Exclusive

About Dr. Roslyn Ashford

Dr. Roslyn L. Ashford is a true optimist with a passion for mentoring youth and empowering people to manifest their dreams. Her penetrating conversations have been shared by inspired people from around the globe. She is an Associate Publisher on the staff of Faith-filled Family Magazine and a member of the Atlanta Writers Club.

Roz is a Christian writer and now author of a memoir, The Sink before the Swim. She loves to sing and direct the Inspirational choir at her church, as well as travel and spend time with family and friends.

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