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Two New Music Artists Create a Stir

The summer issue of Faith Filled Family Magazine will be discussing the careers of singer-songwriters Laura Jane and Gentil Mis.
Laura Jane is new to the Christian music scene, but her sound is nothing short of captivating! When Laura sings, she sings from the spirit, and her sound is nothing short of amazing. Laura’s successes come from recently performing with Fresh IE on stage at One Heart Winnipeg.
Laura has an amazing testimony, and attributes her success to her mentor, Gentil Mis.
Gentil Mis is a pop artist with a catchy sound which engages the listener into his music. Gentil is another artist who is incredibly annointed. Together with Laura Jane, their music is nothing short of spectacular. Gentil is on Reverbnation with his song, “Heaven I Need You”… Definitely a must listen!
Laura Jane and Gentil Mis are looking to produce their first song together in the very near future. It was a collaborative effort, and they have sung it in front of audiences. The audience’s reaction? “Where can I buy that single?”
Stay tuned as we continually upgrade this post with ongoing information about this singer-songwriter duet. Maybe we will get a sneak peak at their new material!!!

For more information on Gentil Mis, visit his website at:


For a sample of Laura’s voice, see the post above “Fallen for You” with EDIFY.

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