Next Issue Seeks to Shed Light on Confusion

Unanswered prayers are the most common source of frustration among Christians leaving them confused and without direction.  Our hearts are yearning for an answer from God or simply for help, but without faith, we are left with a feeling as if God is not hearing our ferverent pleas.

Why do some prayers go unanswered?

Prayers can go unanswered for a variety of reasons depending on the person, and the circumstance.  However, if we believe that God’s timing is perfect, and that He desires the best for His children according to scripture, then we need to remain in faith.

This article will teach you why sometimes prayers go unanswered, and how to remove obsticles/hinderences in your path.  It answers the question as to why you haven’t received a response.

Is God listening (to me)?

Scripture says that God will never abandon, nor foresake you.  He is always there.  However, there may be a reason for His silence.

This article will help you to reflect on whether you have indeed unknowingly received an answer, whether God’s silence is an answer, and direction on what to do in this situation.

Time is running out, and I need an answer.  Will it be provided on time?

God’s timing is always perfect, and He is never late.  Answers or provisions often come “in the nick of time”, but they do come.  It isn’t God’s desire to see you destroyed.  However, you do have to realize that whatever happens, it is for your good- even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time, or you don’t know why things transpired the way they did.

This article deals with sometimes a feeling of being let-down when prayers don’t go in the direction you were hoping for.  It attempts to answer the “why” question.

The countdown to the next issue begins!  May 2016 will be released April 26th on our website and across all of our social media.