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United Nations Vote on Blacklisting Businesses Owned By Jewish Israelis

Next week, the United Nations will vote to allocate funds and implementing a “blacklist” of organizations which operate directly or indirectly in Judea, Samaria, the Golan and East Jerusalem.  This motion originally passed last March with no opposition, and targets businesses owned by Jewish Israelis.

Danny Danon, Israel’s UN Ambassador, was outraged at the impending vote saying, “We will not be silent in the face of this shameful step.  The UN’s will to blacklist Jewish businesses and businesses connected with Israel and to boycott them, is reminiscent of dark periods in history.”

“It is known that the Human Rights Council has become an anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli body, but it can not be that the UN is continuing to assist in this surreal process.”

Danon’s outburst against the UN is on the heels of six anti-Israeli resolutions passed last Wednesday.  It included a call to “intensification of efforts… towards the conclution of a final peace settlement” according to Breaking Israeli News.  Another refers to Israeli actions as the “occupying power, to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the Holy City of Jerusalem”.  Irael’s actions are called illegal.

Another resolution requests Israel to withdraw form the Syrian Golan and return the occupied territory “to the line of June 4, 1967”.

Another vote on Wednesday in Knesset was passed by 59-51 which would legalize 4,000 jewish homes that have been built in Judah and Samaria.  The bill requires two more votes befor becoming law.

“I strongly urge lawmakers to reconsider their support for this bill, which if enacted, would have far-reaching consequences and would seriously damage the reputation of Israel around the world,” said UN high commissioner for human rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein. “Israel as the occupying power, must respect the private property of Palestinians, regardless of whether or not compensation is provided,” he said in a statement.


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