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Unrepentant Sin: What Happens Before We Enter Heaven?

The Age-Old Question: If God can’t be in the Presence of Sin, What Happens When we Die?

This question has been the source of much debate.  We know that God cannot be in the presence of unrepentant sin– that is why the blood of Jesus washes us clean, and that is how despite our unrepentant sin, God can be in our presence.  It is the blood of Jesus that allows God to see us as pure and righteous.  The blood of Jesus washes us clean, and removes sin in our lives when we repent.  However, what happens when we die?  What happens if we have sin that we haven’t repented for?  Does it affect our eternity?  If so, how?

unrepentant sinIt is said that we sin every few seconds, and most of us aren’t aware that we are sinning.  Most of this goes on with our thought life, and sometimes actions.  So it is conceivable that when we die, there is still sin and unrepentant sin upon us.

So, if God can’t be in the presence of unrepentant sin, what happens when we go into Heaven?

We know our salvation is secured, but do you know what happens to all of those unrepentant sins that we have committed?

Toni Troxell will discuss what happens when we die, and how unrepentant sin is dealt with in Heaven.  This discussion will dispel many myths that surround this topic, and will bring in the topic of God’s judgment, accountability, and how we are washed clean of sin.  It will open your eyes to a deeper revelation on how sin effects your eternity, and why we should be quick to repent (yet not fearful of death!).

Many common questions answered in our April issue on The Resurrection of Christ.  Our next issue comes out on March 26, 2018 on our website, across social media, and via our free email subscription.


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Michelle has a passion for seeing families live victoriously in Christ, and she doesn't just write about a life with God, but she lives it as well.

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