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Deep Peace Made Possible in Life’s Storms Thanks to God

Fear and stress not only generate havoc on your emotional well-being, but can also hamper you physically as well.  The sad reality is that most people don’t know it, or dismiss the problems associated with stress-related illnesses.

Stress-related illnesses really its roots in fear.  If fear didn’t exist, neither would the stress associated with it.  If you are experiencing issues such as panic attacks, heart disease/heart attacks, addictions, constant headaches, vision troubles, joint aches, teeth grinding, etc. something in your life is not as it should be as these are stress reactions and are indicators that you are not managing things correctly.

If we abide in the Lord, then stress and fear cease to exist because His Word tells us that He will meet all of our needs.  The Bible repeatedly tells us not to be fearful, and for our faith to reside in God who knows what we need- and will take care of us.  If we truly believe that, then what is there to fear?

Enemies? Persecution?  God will take care of those as well.  Sickness, financial loss, and lack?  He takes care of that, too!

In short, God has “your back” as long as you reside in Him.

The best part is that He will give you a peace that surpasses all understanding.  You will feel a deep sense of peace in the midst of a storm, and won’t know why you feel so relaxed.  You will also have strength that you didn’t even know you had- and all to the glory of God!

Learn how to find peace God’s way in our next issue coming out March 28th.

About Michelle C. Danko

Michelle Danko is the Editor-In-Chief for Faith Filled Family Magazine.

Satan's greatest assault has been on families as he tries to destroy God's original design for it. Our children are reaping the negative consequences of an errant belief system resulting in confusion and disillusionment. Michelle believes that we need to have a strong relationship with God, our first ministry is to our family, and that everything else flows from that.

Michelle has a passion for seeing families live victoriously in Christ, and she doesn't just write about a life with God, but she lives it as well.

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