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UPTV’s New Series, Bringing Up Bates Rings in the New Year

Bringing Up Bates
Genre: Reality Series
Premiers on UpTV (uptv.com)
Date: January 1, 2015 at 9:00pm EST

Bringing Up Bates is a spin off of the hit television show, 19 Kids and Counting. This reality series follows husband and wife team, Gil and Kelly Jo through the trials and tribulations of raising nineteen children. Watch every week as Gil and Kelly Jo diligently seek to impart traditional family values, the loving hand of God, and learn how they manage a household with a super-sized family.
In the opening episode, Gil and Kelly Jo discuss what life is like for their family, and give the viewers an update on what has happened since Erin’s televised wedding. They discuss many common questions such as how they can afford such a large family, how they manage, and they offer an introduction into their family life.
Viewers soon find out that their son, Zach and his wife Whitney are expecting their first grandchild. Kelly Jo and the rest of the family are excited and bustling with energy as they plan and execute a baby shower before the birth. Not everyone is excited, however, and for their own good reasons as is expressed in this series opener.
This episode ends with a bang as yet another surprise is revealed.

Bringing Up Bates was really enjoyable to watch, however if you are looking for another Duggar family, it won’t be found in this series. The Bates are different in so far as they are more reserved and open. You see more of a family dynamic to this reality series making it more relatable to the average family. You watch family members struggle with their own emotions and work through some very personal events. However you still see that loving, supporting family dynamic to it.
I would say that Bringing Up Bates is a little more real and open than 19 Kids and Counting. It doesn’t make either show of lesser value, but does make each very distinct. The family values are very similar as you see married couples having children, courting, and the traditional godly family personified. The show is very clean, and enjoyable.
It is a little rough as the viewer gets to know each of the children, the family in general, different personalities and interactions. However the Bates’ are very hospitable, warm and inviting. It should be an interesting series as the family is so down-to-earth, and I am confident that it will become a family favorite along side the Duggars as well.

Definitely a must see for the New Year!

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