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Jaci Velasquez Releases New Album, Trust/Confio, On Trusting God

Multi-Platinum selling artist, Jaci Velasquez, will be releasing her first-full length studio album in five years entitled, “Trust” – or in Spanish, “Confio”.  The album is set to release on a global scale to 160 nations on March 31 from Integrity Music.  Velasquez is a Billboard Latin Music award winner with five albums in Spanish.  Trust will be the first time that she has released an album in both languages simultaneously.

Velasquez has 17 albums, 16 number one radio hits, 5 Grammy nominations, 7 Dove Awards, 3 RIAA Gold Records, and 3 RIAA Platinum records.  Trust is Velasquez’s first worship album and was inspired by Soren, her youngest son who was born in 2009.

Velasquez recollects of being awakened in the middle of the night by Soren’s screams from having “bad dreams”.  She subsequently consoled him, and decided to play a song that she had received from Integrity, “God Who Moves The Mountains”.   “Gove Who Moves The Mountains” was written by All Sons & Daughters, David Leonard, Dustin Smith and Richie Fike.   What ensued in the Velasquez house was an atmosphere of worship, and peace.


“We adults are worried about paying our bills, getting our car fixed, health, but being scared in bed alone is a mountain to a seven-year-old,” shares Velasquez in an interview with Integrity Music. “Soren and I both were moved to worship, and our lives changed in that moment. It’s amazing how God uses music.”

“Trust” is produced by Leonard and Chris Bevins.  It features “God Who Moves The Mountains” and new songs by Velasquez and husband, Nic Gonzales (lead singer from Salvador).  Additional songs by Martin Smith of Delirious?, and Michael Farren will also appear on the album.

Notable songs will include, “Rest”, “It’s Never As Dark As It Seems To Be”, and “Trust You” which was the inspiration behind the song title and the core message of the album.

“Trust is an underlying theme for me as a wife and a mom,” says Velasquez. “You can’t have a relationship without trust. Like my husband and I, there are no secrets and we trust each other no matter what. The same is true with my relationship with Jesus.”

The trust theme additionally encapsulates her hope for son, Zealand, who has Autism.  Velasquez confesses that there are days when she feels “like I am losing control”.  “Trust You” arises from that moment when she just has to step away and remind herself, “‘I know you are worried, but God loves him more than you do Jaci. Stop worrying’.”

Velasquez is also working on a book, a clothing line that raises support for Autism related causes, and will be featured in two Christian films.



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