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Learning to Love the Sinner I Used to Be

As we go through our lives, we have met and will meet many people. Each person will come to us at a different time and will form a unique relationship of some magnitude and duration. Some will be family, some friends, some will be co-workers, some will become extended family, …

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Taking the High Road is Never Easy, But It Pays Dividends

Examine Your Heart- Are You Submitted to Do What is Right in God’s Eyes? I marvel  at the story of David and his humbleness to authority.  It is a uniquely rare characteristic that he displays regarding how he treats King Saul, yet shows remarkable strength in character.  David is well …

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Experience Changes in Your Thinking: The Love-Lust Paradigm Series

“Looking” at the opposite sex, admiring “beauty”, “lusting” after your spouse… What’s godly, and what’s not? A couple of days ago, I was in a reception room waiting to be called for my appointment.  To “fill time”, I was perusing a “Christian” magazine, glancing over its contents, and not just …

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Will The Real Truth On Movies Please Stand Up (2 of 2)

Yesterday’s discussion focused on the supernatural.  Today’s topic in this two part series will explore the topic of horror movies and whether Christians should watch them. You have heard it said that the eyes are the windows to the soul.  This is an accurate statement as what we watch influences …

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Will The Real Truth About Possession Please Stand Up (1 of 2)

Recent news has placed the Conjuring2 in headlines- not because of ratings, but due to paranormal activity.  Paranormal activity ranges from a deceased cadaver and his attendant going missing, demonic possession, to crosses appearing.  These unexplained events have caused quite a panic among those who cannot explain the happenings.  Is …

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