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Vision From 15 Years Ago Blossoms Into Revival in UK

Mother’s Day didn’t just begin a revival in North Carolina, but in the United Kingdom as well.

This revival took place as a mission outreach at the Gate Church located in Reading on May 29th.  Evangelist Tommie Zito began the outreach, and reports that he is still seeing an incredible harvest of souls.

There were meetings in both the morning and evening with members evangelizing on the streets of the town in between.

Christian Today reports over 1,200 people, at one point, gave their lives to Christ or rededicated their lives in only three weeks.

“It is not like anything I have ever seen or experienced before,” commented Yinka Oyekan, who is pastor of The Gate.

Oyekan noted that it’s “not a technique, it is not a program, it is not a church growth plan but something from the Lord.”

This outreach originally began with a prophetic dream that Pastor Oyekan had over 15 years ago!

According to Christian today, Oyekan recollects the vision as, “I saw a river flowing like a waterfall onto the street from the roof [of] the church building we occupied at the time, [and] above this cascading river was the cross.”

Lynn Green, the general secretary of the Baptist Union, also felt the Lord wanted to move in Reading.  She discussed with Pastor Oyekan with hope of planning a current mission outreach for “awakening in the UK- Encounter at the Gate.”

Pastor Oyekan is excited that they outreach may potentially turn into a full blown revival in the UK


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