For one night only on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 movie-goers everywhere were able to witness Winter Jam for the first time on the big screen. This is Winter Jam was one of the most intriguing documentaries I’ve ever seen! The movie started off 30 minutes prior to the show with Winter Jam Trivia and exclusive interviews with various artists and crew members. It was a great way to get the anxious audience even more excited and involved in the film.

As a pre-introduction to the movie, there was an exclusive never before seen music preview of the upcoming movie and music video by For King and Country called Priceless. The actual movie is coming out this Fall.

In the introduction we are informed the production of the movie was filmed over a 2 year period…that’s a lot of Winter Jam tours!

It started out with electrifying performance by Skillet of their song, “Not going to die tonight” and an interview with Korey, their female drummer.

The movie was broken into 7 parts.

Part One: Know Your Parts
We learned about the beginning stages of Winter Jam. It was formed in 1995 by Newsong. It started out in 1 city in Greenville and now today, they tour in 57 cities becoming the largest annual tour in the world. Jerry Holcomb production manager and Pastor Bobby Joiner recount their experience with the start of Winter Jam.

Part Two: Find Joy
Christian rappers, KB and Tedashi talked about the competition on the tour…healthy competition that is. Each year Winter Jam has a few competitive sport games and championships going on to keep joy and excitement on the tour. Their annual games of Corn toss and ping pong championship is something everyone on tour looks forward to each year.
Part Three: Pay Your Dues
This segment highlighted the aspect of mentorship and welcoming new artist to join the Winter Jam tour as the opening act.
Matthew West and For King and Country started out as opening acts a few years before and now they are headliners on the tour.

Performances by new artists, About a mile, Veridia and Blanca.

Part Four: Hard Work, Very Hard Work
We watched as background crew set up the entire Winter Jam Platform before the event and broke it down piece by piece after the event. With 13 buses of equipment and artist and crew, this is by no means a small production. They work tirelessly to ensure everything is not only set up to code but works properly. Since they have several pyro tricks throughout the performance, fire Marshall along with the Pyro tour manager standby closely to ensure everyone’s safety.

Part Five: Family Affair
“This is more than a tour, this is a family” – Michael Tait of Newsboys

Each Sunday while on tour, the artist, their families and the staff all come together to worship at Jam church. Praise and worship is led by the various artist, Francesca Battistelli shared her thoughts on what it means to lead such a powerful group into worship on Sunday mornings. Tour pastors, Bobby Joiner and Tony Nolan bring a weekly word to encourage, refresh and empower everyone for another week of ministry.

Part Six: Forever is too Long to be Wrong

“Not just seats but souls” – Bobby Joiner

What I personally love most about the Winter Jam movement is the desire they have to help souls.  I believe Winter Jam is not about the money (they only charge $10 per person), it’s not about the publicity, but it’s about the souls. Winter Jam also supports the community by providing a platform during the performance for nonprofit organizations like Holt International. Holt International helps orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children to thrive by finding families to love them.

Winter Jam has one agenda and that is the Lord’s agenda.

Part Seven: Love God, Love People 

The last part once again focuses on the importance of the souls and the nearly 600,000 people who attend each year that are touched. Pastor Bobby said it best “It’s not the artist it’s Jesus”, and because of that, Tony Nolan prays over every seat in the arena. The Gospel is shared during every performance and the invitation to Christ is always given.

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