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Navigating Smooth Sailing Through Dating Decisions

You begin to notice subtle changes in your child.  They are beginning to take extra care in their appearance whereas before you had to fight them to shower.  Maybe it’s your daughter who has taken a sudden interest in make-up and fashion.  Your parenting senses tell you that something is different.  Hmm…..

You overhear their conversations, and boys are no longer gross.  Girls are no longer icky.  Suddenly the opposite sex smells so good, and looks so FINE!  But they are just a kid!  What happened to my little girl/boy?  They just aren’t ready?

They are growing up.  It doesn’t have to be a bad thing with the proper guidance.  It involves imparting wisdom into your children.  It is teaching them about what to avoid and how they should be treated.  It is training them as to who is a worthy mate.

Parents have to learn to let go and trust.  Children, on the other hand, need to trust their parents.  Parents, for the most part, are not trying to be controlling, but only want the best for their child.  They can see things that their children can’t.  They are not emotionally involved, and can see a person’s true character.  There isn’t a flood of feelings involved, but rationale.  If your children believe that you only want the best for them, then they will rely on your judgement.  Then you can speak into their lives.

This month’s features will deal with dating decisions.  It will discuss how to guide your children to make wise decisions, listening to God as to who He has chosen for them, courting versus dating, the parent’s role in dating, setting rules, and most importantly, what to do if it doesn’t work out.  We will discuss God’s timing for our children in finding “the one”, and whether to wait or move on.

Our next issue is coming out June 27th, 2016 entitled, “Preparing the Next Generation”.

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