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You Are Free Teaches Readers To Unlock Freedom That’s Already Yours

You Are Free: Be Who You Already Are

Rebekah Lyons

ISBN 978-0-310-34552-7

Genre: Spiritual growth

Where it can be Purchased: Your nearest bookstore or online retailers


Do you want to be free? Even if you do, do you believe you can be? That you already are?

Freedom is appealing to everyone. If you’re a Christian, you know about freedom, how Jesus came and set us FREE. But if that’s the case, why is it so difficult for us to live in that freedom?

In her new book, You Are Free, Rebekah tackles this tough topic and digs into what real freedom looks like, and how we can not only know we are free but believe it.

There are many positive aspects of this novel. One is in her method of delivery. Rebekah takes readers on a journey of her own life, allowing them to see a more personal, vulnerable side of her. Instead of merely recounting facts and events, she invites readers to come alongside her, hear her story, and then see the relevance in their own lives.

Another positive element is the sense of humor and down-to-earth tone. I truly felt as though I was sitting across from Rebekah engaging in her story, laughing with her, and crying with her.

The layout of this book is a positive characteristic as well. I found it interesting that every chapter begins with “Free to…” followed by a verb. Everyone can resonate with at least one of her chosen actions, if not all of them if you’re like me. Free to be rescued, wait, grieve, celebrate, love…those are just some of the examples. Every time I started a new chapter, I was intrigued by how I was going to “be free” in that. This brings me to emphasize the practicality of this book. After each chapter are reflection questions, and I found these to be very helpful in relating my own story to hers. She gives readers a freedom to pause, think, and reflect on her questions as they look to Christ for answers.

The basis of this book comes from Galatians 5, as noted in the first few pages, and this theme is recurring throughout. The foundation of her thoughts for this book are all Scripture-based, and she discusses countless passages and stories of the Bible. As I read, the weight she places on Scripture is evident. She unpacks passages in depth and does not shy away from the topics of prayer and healing.

I was and continue to be challenged in my walk with Christ through Rebekah’s book. Her words come with their own touch of freedom, giving readers a permission of sorts to step out of chains that bind their feet and stop standing in the jail cell when the door is already wide open.

Are you ready to take the freedom journey? You won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend this enthralling story, You Are Free.

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