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Book You Are Not Normal Inspires Christians to Stand Out


You Are Not Normal: Dare to Be Different is nothing short of a huddle break for the Christian who is looking for a strategic win against the opposing team.  Written by Shaun Campbell, the book explores normal Christianity versus true discipleship, the call to go beyond the typical 6 hours per week of “church stuff” and live as a chosen, royal generation.  He explains with great biblical clarity that we are called to be different and the tragedies of trying to fit in.  For example, in Chapter two: The Call to Be Different, highlights Samson’s poor choice in relationships (many of us can relate) which left him vulnerable, weak, and open to a grave attack on his life.

Back in the huddle, readers will learn the subtle signs of conformity that lead to obvious backsliding, the art of presentation, how to overcome the fear of standing out, and refusing to fit in by embracing our uniqueness.


The book has a simple message and is easy to read.  Campbell targets a younger audience, as defined by age and spiritual development, so there is no over-the-head talk in this book.  I applaud Campbell because there are tons of scriptural references as well, which are broken down to fit in a very practical and relevant context for this generation.  The concluding chapter is also very thoughtful, in that Campbell offers advice and encouragement to readers based on his personal experiences as a young Christian.


What’s there to say about a book that urges you to be different? Write more books in less time (just kidding).  Campbell mentions in his conclusion that he began writing this book when he was 18 (very admirable).  Press rewind, and you’ll read the introduction that reveals his current age at publication: 38 years old.  I can actually appreciate him taking his time to write a very thoughtful book.

I’ll close with saying thanks for pointing out just how unique the body of Christ is.  Sometimes we tend to forget that.  And we work to blend in with the crowd so that we can win the crowd for Christ.  Unfortunately, many of us fall prey to our conformities, especially in the area of relationships.  I have added You Are Not Normal: Dare to Be Different to my mental library.

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