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YouTube Removes Audacity Trailer

The trailer for evangelist Ray Comfort’s new film, Audacity, addressing homosexuality has been removed from You Tube.  The video was reportedly removed after it had been viewed 130,00 times.

In its place, a message appears which reads, ““This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.”

Comfort, who is famous for his open-air preaching style, believes the trailer was removed because it suggests that no one is born a homosexual.

He believes that the foundation for the gay argument is that people are born homosexual, and, similar to someone’s race, they should never be discriminated against.  The trailer reveals a number of people changing their minds about homosexuals being born that way because Comfort asked them two simple questions.

He says that, “It’s pretty unnerving for the ‘I can’t help being gay argument,’ and so they decided to censor us. Or to put it another way, they discriminated against us because of our religion.”

In a statement, You Tube commented that while they don’t choose to comment on individual videos, they do have strict spam and metadata policies.  They said that if a video is flagged by their community that violated the policies, it is removed.

However, Comfort argues that the Audacity trailer did not violate any policies.

“Watch the two-minute trailer and see if you can find spam, a scam or anything commercially deceptive,” he said. “All we want is to be treated fairly.”

The trailer can still be viewed at GodTube.com.

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